Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Tree & S'mores

So Monday we put up the Christmas tree! My brother Cory came over and helped since Wayde was at work. We put the tree up while Heidi was in the bathtub so that when I got her out she was surprised to see that there was a big 10 foot tree in the middle of out livingroom. She was so excited because she got to help decorate it! It was a good thing because we have A LOT of ornaments!

Afterwards, we had S'mores! They were really good and gooey!!! It took Heidi a while just to eat one s'more! This was a nice treat after all the hard work we did!

Heidi loves the tree because it is mostly blue! Blue is her favorite color. She kept saying,"Mommy it's so beautiful!". It made me happy to see her so excited. I was almost as excited as her because last Christmas we never got around to putting up the tree. So this year it feels like a REAL Christmas!

Here's Heidi, before we put up the tree coloring, with her best friend Roxy. They love each other so much! : )

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Not much to say! ROLL TIDE ROLL!! Watching the Crimson Tide play Virginia Tech in their 1st game of the season. Bama was winning at first but it's halftime and they are getting beat by 1 point. Thats ok they still have time to get in the lead! ; ) I know they can do it! I am usually not much of a football person, but when it comes to Alabama, I'm there! *praying they win tonight!*

Sunday, July 26, 2009

BBQ & Alligator Alley

Today we went to Alligator Alley with the kids from Children's Church. It was really fun! Wayde came along too and had a blast! He wanted to take all the animals home with him. We got to hold a snake and hold an alligator. All the kids held and petted the animals, even Heidi! None of them
were afraid! It was so cool. Also we were there in time for the alligator feeding. So we watched this guy feed these huge alligator whole chickens. They were dead chickens but they were whole, feathers and all! The kids really liked that part also. Alligator Alley is home to the worlds largest captive alligator. They call him Captain Crunch. ( didn't get a pic of him though, he likes to hide! ) He is about 15 foot long and 1000 pounds. Usually they top out at around 12-13 foot and 700-800 pounds. We thought that was neat. He was huge. We did see him but couldn't get a good pic of him. I think I liked the snakes and the lizards the best. They had a lot. They were really pretty. I have some pics of some of the kids and some of the alligators and one of the lizards that I thought was pretty. It is a monitor.

Lastnight we went to Nate and Christy's house for Christy's birthday! She turned the big 30! We had BBQ ribs and veggies. It was really good. Nate is a master at the grill! I have some pics that I took on my phone of Heidi and Annabelle playing dress-up. Heidi is Snow White and Annabelle is Minnie Mouse! All the cousins had fun playing. They swam before it got dark! I'm sure all the kids slept good! I know Heidi did! It has been a while since we all got together, so it was fun. My mom took pics on her camera of all of us when we were holding the snakes and alligator so hopefully I will have those on here soon to share! Tomorrow starts a new week! Not much planned, so we will see!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Tupperware Party!

Tonight I went to a Tupperware party!! It was really fun! I have never been to one before. They have a lot of neat stuff. Wayde put me on a spending limit though! : ) So...I bought this really cool lunch tote. The Tupperware lady had one at the party and it is super cute! At first I thought it was a little expensive, but then I saw it was a pretty good size and came with two pieces of Tupperware that match it and they are microwavable!

Then I got this really cool thing called the pick-a-deli. You put your pickles or olives in it and when you want one you just pull up the handle and it pulls them up out of the juice. The Tupperware lady said they call it the "tupperware elevator"! I thought Wayde would like it. He loves those little sweet pickles and I thought that would make life easier for him!! lol

The next thing I got was a set of bowls that they had on sale Buy 1 Get 1 Free! I think everyone at the party got that deal because it WAS such a great deal! Then another thing I got was a banana keeper. As you can see it is a piece of Tupperware in the shape of a banana. This one is for Heidi. It was only $2!! If Heidi doesn't eat all her banana I just put the other part of it that is unpeeled in the banana keeper and it will stay good in the refrigerator without turning brown and yucky! I thought that was a neat idea, especially for kids. So I had to get one. Also we played some games and I got 2 freebies. I got a small piece of tupperware for salad dressings and such. I will probably use it with my new lunch tote! Also I got a citrus peeler, which is great for Wayde because he cannot peel and orange to save his life!! : )

So now I am home. I had to go to Pensacola for the party. Everyone was so surprised that I came because it was "so far". I didn't think it was that bad! I only drove 40-45 minutes. The lady that hosted the party was a girl that had a baby in the hospital in the NICU the same time as Heidi! (Actually David knows them!) Charity and John Carnes. They went to school at Foley. Charity was telling me tonight about when they were in 6th grade everytime the teacher left the room David would throw his pencil up and it would stick in the ceiling and it would be there the entire time the teacher was talking. I thought that was funny. So there you go Nikki a story about David when he was a kid! haha! Anyway it was an eventful night. I got to see Charity and John's new car. After seeing our new car they went out and bought a Mazda 5 also. There's is blue though. But now we have twinkie cars, Charity says. I can't wait to get my new Tupperware! I am so excited! It will be in about a week to 10 days so me and Charity are going to set up a playdate for when I go to pick it up from her.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Heidi's new favorite snack is strawberries with whipped cream. Not just any whipped cream, but the kind out of a can! She loves it. Her and Wayde ate a whole crate of strawberries in one day! They finished them off tonight. I only got a few! I will have to go buy some more! It is a good way to get Heidi to eat all her food. She ate all her lunch AND dinner because I promised her she could have strawberries with whipped cream. I just wanted to share that!